The Ferrari Museum

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  by Exotic Car Lover

The Ferrari museum is a paradise for all fans of the automotive industry.


The museum is located 300 meters from the manufacturing plant, which produces cars of the most famous and one of the most expensive brands in the world.


Exhibition space is divided thematically into 6 areas. We’ll see here, both the oldest and the newest models of the famous cars, an exhibition of miniature toy cars, including the collection of miniature models of Formula One cars, numerous awards and trophies won at various races by racing drivers, photos, helmets, and a special room dedicated to the founder of brand, Enzo Ferrari.


At the museum there is of course a shop with branded gadgets in the form of keychains, shirts, hats, mugs and more, a restaurant serving meals on signature dishes, and professional driving simulator.


Next to the museum is a place where you can fulfill your dreams and drive the selected car model. Of course, this attraction does not come cheap, but it’s definitely worth it. The ride is preceded with a quick instruction, so that we feel more confident behind the wheel.